Jul 4

ALAN: Why are the Fourth of July festivities – fireworks and music – so much better in Boston than anywhere else, including Washington?

ANDY: It’s the ‘Boston Pops’…completely, that makes their Fourth of July celebration the best in the Nation…and that continued even though our dear friend Peter quit working for “The Pops” this year.

Jun 17

ANDY: Happy Father’s Day to both our Dads…both are in their 80′s, both like Nascar, and they both will be here today…along with a working majority of our family.

ALAN: And it was a grand time. Family can be a comfort.

Jun 11

ANDY: I had a really nice time with your Mom tonight at the cocktail party in honor of (our Congressman) Paul Tonko’s birthday. The Glen Sanders Mansion in Scotia is the perfect setting, with the beautiful views overlooking the Mohawk River. Most of all, it was really nice to see Paul, a genuinely nice guy.

Jun 7

ANDY: Two weeks ago today, we were just arriving in Ogunquit…actually at about this time we were talking to Congressman Barney Frank on the sidewalk near the Village Food Mart…unshaven, and cautiously friendly, he introduced his partner Jim. That’s the first shift I always feel in Ogunquit…cautiously friendlier…Something else shifted this last trip, and I think I’m still on vacation…not yet excited to be home.

ALAN: As you know, I always hate to leave. One day we won’t…

May 7

Apr 29

Apr 21

ALAN: Today our niece Andrea marries her fiance Karl, and I can’t wait to attend my first VanWagenen wedding! (Aside from the one I was in.) Congrats to the happy couple – here’s wishing them many years of happiness and health!

ANDY: Had a really nice time, I am so happy for them both…Wishing them a long, happy life together…Also do you have any photos to post?

ALAN: See above.

Apr 20

ANDY: Congratulations…this video can be bookmarked and saved to be played at Emi’s High School Graduation party…

Apr 11

ALAN: Now that Rick Santorum has suspended his bid for President, I feel there’s a gaping, frothy hole for cray-cray that needs to be filled, and I’m the guy to do it. I was not-so-recently nominated as “Best Local Blogger” in the Times Union Reader’s Poll

~ a FaceBook pal alerted me to the fact yesterday, so we’re days behind and already probably in last place (to think of all the lost campaigning opportunities and missed kissed babies… I cry). Anyway, we’ve got about a week left, so if I’ve touched you in any way with my blog, www.alanilagan.com, feel free to vote for me at the following link: http://www.timesunion.com/best_of_2012/

Here’s what’s in it for you: if you vote for at least twenty categories (and I don’t think the Best Blogger page comes up for a while) you’ll be entered to win a free iPad. Do it for yourself. Do it for your country. Do it for the fact that I haven’t won anything since ‘Best Dressed Man in the Capital Region’ and that was four long score years ago.

ANDY: Amanda Talar offered me cash…only kidding….really, I am kidding…*wink*

Apr 8

ALAN: Thanks for the Easter basket – not sure about the chocolate chili, but the rest is all good. Hippety-hoppity.

ANDY: Happy Easter…and very glad I thought to make the baked ziti Saturday night…we would have been eating peanut butter and jelly had I not (Price Chopper was closed until Monday morning)….that is Chili Pepper Flavored chocolate, supposed to be extraordinary.

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